How to Overcome the Fear of Doing Hard Things

We all have something that we’re running from or avoiding. It could be a conversation, relationship, or situation-ship that you don’t know how to get out of. Because we’re not facing it, it keeps getting worse and can grow into something bigger and harder to tackle. However, I want to give you the encouragement that you can do hard things! The more we learn how to do hard things, the more capable we become of living life to its fullest.

Start Small
The first step in overcoming fear is to start small. Don’t try to take on huge challenges all at once; instead, break them down into smaller tasks and take them on one at a time. This will help you develop your confidence and build up your endurance for taking on bigger challenges in the future. For example, if you are scared of public speaking, start by giving a small presentation in front of just one person before gradually working up to larger audiences.

Mentors & Coaches
The second step is finding mentors and coaches who can provide guidance and support as you tackle hard things head-on. Having someone who believes in your capabilities and provides positive reinforcement as you go is incredibly important when trying to overcome fear. A mentor or coach can also give advice on how best to prepare for challenging situations so that they become less intimidating and more manageable when the time comes.  

Reflect & Celebrate
Finally, it’s important to reflect on what you have achieved each time you accomplish a difficult task or reach a goal. Reflecting allows us to see our progress over time and appreciate our successes even if they are small wins along the way. Also remember to celebrate each victory because this helps us stay motivated throughout our journey of overcoming fear and doing hard things!

Doing hard things isn’t easy but it’s worth it! As long as we start small, find people who believe in us, and celebrate each victory along the way – anything is possible! So don’t let fear hold you back – face it head on and prove yourself wrong! You can do hard things; now go out there and show yourself what you’re made of!

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