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A Keynote Upgrade

[Jesse] coaches me. He gives me the tips and tools to be able to work through the process of coming up with my own story.

Chantel is an artist, poet, and owner of a production company and looked to Jesse for help with her public speaking game. With a little work and a lot of persistence, Jesse took her keynote to the next level. Ever since, Chantel says she’s been able to offer her perspective more clearly and more consistently with fewer missteps. “It’s gotten a lot better. I’m able to talk without the ‘um’s’ and ‘uh’s.’ I’m able to voice what I need to voice.”

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You can’t change what’s inside people, but…

[Jesse] brings a very unique set of skills and experience that the folks at my institution don’t have and don’t see. The value that he adds and his expertise is truly one of a kind.

Elijah works at a local college and needed to add something new to face the internal challenges of the institution. That’s when he found Jesse. Elijah says that you can’t change the racism that’s inside people in one single training session. BUT, if there’s ongoing dialog and accountability for behavior, it’s his hope that this could lead to change. That’s why he’s helping to spread the word about The Diversity and Inclusion Training Program, Welcome to The Jungle, and other Jesse projects that are providing that secret weapon to facing daily challenges found in any institution or organization.

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a little… in your face but in a good way.

Jesse gets to know you and what it is you want to achieve in life, whether in business or in your personal life. He uses his own openness and directness to get you to be open about yourself and confront your own doubts and your own criticisms. Because, often, they’re the pressures keeping you back, not the external ones.

Heather is a friend and client of mine who was struggling with self-doubt. She had all these great aspirations but kept running into the same obstacle…..the one called Heather. See what she had to say about opening up and confronting the enemy within herself. Even if I am “a little…in your face but in a good way,” you’ll be surprised at what you can learn by being honest with yourself and being open to outside review.

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Jesse’s Welcome to The Jungle Leadership Training Gets People Talking

Jesse goes about bringing out your superpowers. He really gets to know you and gets a feel for your community and its wants and needs. He’s an adaptive, collaborative, positive motivator who resonates well with any group or individual.

Jean is Associate VP for Equity and Inclusion at a local college. After Jesse came to give his W2J presentation last year, employees were talking about it for months. They loved it. That’s the kind of impact we’re looking for. Welcome to the Jungle leadership training focuses on 4 core components: leadership, communication, team building, and performance. It’s a way to learn about yourself, how you communicate, and what kind of team player you are by assigning your personality traits to 1 of 4 animals who each have unique “superpowers,” But what really adds value is how Jesse goes about bringing out your superpowers. He really gets to know you and gets a feel for your community and its wants and needs. He’s an adaptive, collaborative, positive motivator who resonates well with any group or individual.And, most importantly, it’s fun! One of the most reliable ways of making useful information stick in your mind is to make it fun. And Jesse knows how to do that. He’s always interesting, fun, and highly engaging.

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Noticing a problem is one thing but taking action to repair it takes something extra.

It’s a refreshing way that [Jesse] communicates. It’s honest. It’s vulnerable. It’s real.

So you’ve seen a lack of inclusion and diversity in your organization, now what do you do about it? Liz is Curator for an apparel company in Minneapolis and wanted to expand the scope of inclusiveness and diversity in her organization. Jesse’s approach to diversity and inclusion training put her on the path to confronting and addressing the inequities that surrounded her. Jesse’s Diversity and Inclusion Training can help your organization listen to the voices of people who aren’t normally heard, to hire people of different ethnicities and religions, or even get a team in place to implement positive cultural changes that produce a measurable result.

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Committed to Change

He has a way of bringing complicated topics to audiences in a way that they haven’t heard and that they can retain. Everybody feels good having spent time with Jesse Ross.

Nora is an author, podcaster, and founder of Still Kickin. And she has the distinction of being my former high school classmate. I was fortunate enough to have been hired to lead Still Kickin’s diversity and inclusion efforts. I was doubly lucky that she had some wonderful things to say about my work with their organization. When I get a look at your organization, my goal is to try to find blind spots and to not only identify the path forward but also showing you how to get there step by step. So, if you see the potential for positive change in your organization but don’t know what you can do about it, talk to me. I can warm up a cold audience and I can take some punches along the way.

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How to Be a strong White Ally

Heightened confidence and situational awareness.

Sarah is CEO of The People Brand Company. She brought Jesse in as an equity coach and as sort of an informal business coach as well. She was already part of an anti-racist group of white leaders but was interested to learn more about what she could do, as a white person, to be a better ally in the fight against racism. She was very eager to contribute but didn’t quite know what to do, a story I hear a lot from my white colleagues. Sarah’s “aha” moment came after she asked a simple question, “How can I become a better white ally.”

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